The process of building a custom home can be detailed but to give you a simple breakdown of the process review the bullet points below, if you have any specific questions about the process do not hesitate to call for a more detailed breakdown.


1. Contracts / Documents / Finance

Once you have decided if you need a loan or not we can start the building contracts, documents and financing if necessary to start the process.

2. Plans / Drawings / Layout / Permit:

Once you have decided on a plan and layout we have our engineers approve the drawing and submit to the local municipality to approve the plans and issue a building permit.

3. Lot Clearing Preparation / Stake out

The site is cleared and prepared by large machines, with special attention to grading the land to promote proper drainage and provide a solid foundation for your new home. Engineers carefully plan the layout and site for each home and lot for maximum aesthetics.

4. Footing

The "footer" is the foundation's foundation, an engineered concrete base upon which the foundation sits.

5. Foundation

Load-bearing walls of masonry on a concrete slab. prior to the slab rough trades lay pipes and any wires that need to go under or in the slab.

6. Framing

Interior walls and roof framing form the "skeleton" of the home.

7. Mechanicals

The Mechanicals of the house are installed: the heating and cooling system, the plumbing lines, and the electrical system.

8. Insulation

Insulation is installed in walls and attic, with an insulating ability, or "R-factor" appropriate to the local climate.

9. Drywall

Interior walls and ceilings are finished with drywall , then sanded, primed, and painted with a first coat. This is when you can really start to see each room come alive as you designed!

10. Ceramic/Resilient Flooring

Your choice of ceramic tile flooring is installed, we hold off on carpet or wood flooring for a later date.

11. Trim

A trim carpenter installs doors, custom kitchen cabinets, and moldings.

12. Paint

After trim and drywall, interior surfaces are painted.

13. Final Trades

Electrical and plumbing professionals install outlets, light fixtures, faucets, toilets, and appliances. Systems are checked and started.

14. Carpet/Wood Flooring

Carpet and hardwood flooring are installed according to the specifications. The home is then thoroughly cleaned.

15. Third-Party Inspection

A thorough appraisal and or inspection of your home's "readiness" is conducted using a process designed to look at your home from a customer's perspective or a third party. This process ensures that your home is complete and ready to close so you can move in.

16. Walk Thru

When your home is complete, you return just before closing for a thorough review including orientation on all of its systems and features. Before you move in, we address all of your questions to ensure you are comfortable before closing and moving into your new custom home.